Monthly Market Update- August 2020

Published on: 07.31.20
Though July was a solidly positive month for stocks, we head into August with lingering concerns about jobs, COVID-19 vaccine(s) and the upcoming November election. Here are our thoughts.
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Monthly Market Update- July 2020

Published on: 06.30.20
All in all, June was a fairly placid month for stocks…right? To the naked eye, yes…but as we enter July investors face certain challenges surrounding the reopening of the economy and lingering impacts of the virus. Here are our thoughts.
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Monthly Market Update- June

Published on: 05.29.20
As the world continues to feel the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, the economy seems to be on the upswing…but there are still some uncertainties surrounding states reopening, rising stock prices and the upcoming election. Here are our thoughts.
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Monthly Market Update- May 2020

Published on: 05.01.20
As the world continues to feel the impact of COVID-19, investors faced a more positive month fueled by a massive amount of monetary stimulus. What does this mean for May and beyond?
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Life Insurance Lapse Risk in a Covid-19 World

Published on: 04.28.20
Though the “bear market,” brought on by the coronavirus pandemic has increased the risk of life insurance policy lapses, there are three steps you can take to make sure your policy meets your needs. Read on.
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Monthly Market Update- March 2020

Published on: 02.26.20
The lingering impact of the coronavirus, along with changing political perceptions caused a sudden downside reversal for February’s market. How will this impact March and beyond?
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Monthly Market Update - February 2020

Published on: 02.03.20
2020 started on a positive note for the markets, but ran into a few hurdles as January closed out. How will difficulties in China, a dramatic drop in interest rates and a slow in consumption growth impact February’s markets?
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Monthly Market Update- January 2020

Published on: 12.30.19
The U.S. economy is heading into 2020 on a relatively positive note—due to the gradual easing of global trade frictions, strong domestic economy and more. Here’s what you should know.
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Monthly Market Update- December

Published on: 12.02.19
November marked another terrific month for stocks as a fully diversified portfolio racked up a 3+% gain. What does December hold? Is a baby recession still on the horizon?
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November Monthly Market Update

Published on: 11.01.19
October was a solid month for investors, as a fully diversified equity portfolio gained about 2.4%. With the national savings rate up to 8% and a potential trade truce on the horizon with China, November promises to be eventful!
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October Monthly Market Update

Published on: 09.30.19
The total return for all of Q3 2019 is barely on the plus side, due to worsening economic data in Europe and Japan, cuts from the Federal Reserve and a growing possibility for a “baby” recession. How will this impact October and the rest of 2019?
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September Monthly Market Update

Published on: 08.29.19
Equity markets had a generally discouraging performance in August, and it looks like this could carry through to September, due to the growing trade war with China, economic data in Europe and interest rate fluctuations.
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Monthly Market Update- August 2019

Published on: 08.01.19
While July’s stock performance proved to be a positive one, we enter August with a few concerns surrounding China trade, the tightening labor market and market breadth. Read more about July’s market and what’s in store for August and beyond.
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Monthly Market Update - June 2019

Published on: 05.31.19
May’s stock performance took a hit, giving back all of April and even a little more. What caused this? The trade war with China, market breadth and trading activity were all contributing factors. Learn more.
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Estate Planning for Childless Couples

Published on: 05.21.19
There are certain things childless couples will want to pay attention to when crafting their estate plans. You want to make sure your surviving spouse is taken care of, your pet will have a new home, etc.
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Succession or Exit? What is Your Plan?

Published on: 06.17.13
The majority of businesses in the United States are “closely-held”. This means that they are not publicly traded and there is no ready market in which to sell these companies. It is estimated that of all the U.S. small businesses, approximately 40% of these are currently owned by individuals aged 50 or older. Most of these owners have not done any planning with respect to their business. Often, over 80% of a family’s wealth is tied up in the business and is illiquid. A lack of planning could lead to the family’s assets being diminished, or worse, ending up in the wrong hands.
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Managing Long-term Care for Loved Ones It’s a full-time job

Published on: 06.17.13
The following is an excerpt from a client conversation that happens frequently in my office: PAA: Have you given any consideration to your long-term needs? Client: Yes, I have, and my children tell me that they will take care of me. PAA: Are your children working? Client: Oh yes, I am so proud! My son-in-law is a surgeon, and my daughter works full-time as an attorney while raising three beautiful children!
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